Welcome to Tau Beta Pi

Understanding and embracing the diverse nature of the engineering profession is key to unlocking our true potentials. Out in the field, interactions between Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Aerospace, Computer, Contruction, and Environmental Engineers are more common and frequent than we are made to realize in college. The Engineering Honor society, Tau Beta Pi, prides itself in being the only Honor society to comprise of the entire engineering profession.

Founded in 1885 to recognize students of distinguished scholarship and exemplary character, today, Tau Beta Pi is known to be the nation's second oldest honor society. As a chapter of this prestigious society we at California Xi, strive to foster synergistic relationships between the diverse disciplines of engineering while enhancing the collegiate experience through power/skill building programs such as the Engineering Futures sessions.

On behalf of our members and officers, I would like to congratulate all those who are eligible to join us. Realize that you have been recognized as a distinguished engineering student at San Diego State. I urge you all to actively navigate through our site, to find out more information about becoming a member. You should also plan on attending an informational meeting on campus (see the calendar for details).

You can now check your eligibility on our eligibility page!