Read our in-person event wellness policy and pre-event self-check.

Welcome to Tau Beta Pi

Thank you for your interest in Tau Beta Pi. Tau Beta Pi is the nation's largest engineering honor society and the only honor society representing all majors of engineering. We encourage you to browse our site to find out more information about Tau Beta Pi and discover your next steps toward becoming a member. You are also encouraged to attend one of our upcoming events listed at the bottom of this page.

Once a member of Tau Beta Pi, you're a member for life. You don't have to pay a membership fee each year, and if you remain active throughout your SDSU career, you'll be able to graduate with a set of stoles and cords. After you graduate, there are opportunities to continue your involvement both within San Diego and nationwide.

Tau Beta Pi has been a dynamic and integral part of the engineering profession for more than a century. It is committed to the development of engineers of exemplary character so they will be leaders both on their campuses today and in the rapidly changing world of tomorrow. Members of Tau Beta Pi make an impact in all walks of life, not just engineering. The members of our chapter are proud of our active participation within the college and local community.

On behalf of our members and officers, congratulations to all those who are eligible to join us this semester. Realize that you have been recognized as a distinguished engineering student at San Diego State. We are looking forward to meeting you at one of our information sessions or our Engineering BBQ. You can find more details on our calendar.

If you're unsure about your eligibility, you can check it online at our eligibility page.

Chapter Statement On Fall Events and the Coronavirus

Tau Beta Pi is planning a hybrid fall semester, with many events in-person and some online. We have adopted a wellness policy and self-check at all of our in-person events, please read the full policy here.

In order to contribute to a safe in-person environment, all attendees at events are required to adhere to SDSU COVID guidelines, including post-event exposure notification. In addition to campus clearance, every attendee must complete a daily self-check prior to attending, and will be required to attest that they have completed it when signing in.

Additionally, Tau Beta Pi requires masks and temperature screening for all indoor and outdoor events, regardless of any changes to SDSU policies.

As a candidate, member, officer, or guest of Tau Beta Pi, it is of the utmost importance to have exemplary character. We expect that every attendee of a Tau Beta Pi event will demonstrate integrity and not put others at risk. Additionally, cooperation with these policies is important to keeping COVID under control and keeping Tau Beta Pi (and all other organizations) in-person this semester.

Noteworthy Upcoming Events

Welcome to Spring 2022!

Welcome to the spring semester! We're excited to be back on campus and hope you'll join us.

Our eligibility list has been posted; you've probably already seen it around campus. You can check your eligibility online here.

Info Sessions - Feb. 16 through Sept. 23

Info sessions are the first step in the process to become a member. These short thirty-minute meetings will cover what Tau Beta Pi has to offer and the membership process. This semester, we're providing a selection of in-person and virtual info sessions. Please refer to the our calendar for details on the exact time and room for each session to determine which one fits into your schedule.

If you cannot attend any of our scheduled sessions, please email us and we will arrange to meet with you.