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Welcome New SDSU Students!

Welcome to SDSU! We know you'll enjoy your time here as much as we have!

Tau Beta Pi is the Engineering Honor Society. We are committed to the development of engineers of exemplary character and we stand for Integrity and Excellence in Engineering.

One of the best parts of Tau Beta Pi is that we have members from all engineering majors. So you get to meet people you wouldn't normally get to meet in the classroom. We also have over 256 chapters nationwide, so there's plenty of opportunity to network with other students and alumni from across the county.

We have two main tenets for membership: Distinguished Scholarship and Exemplary Character. Like all honor societies, membership in Tau Beta Pi is by invitation only. Our academic requirement is that you're in the top 1/8th of your Junior class or top 1/5 of your Senior class.

Besides being able to meet and network with people from all engineering disciplines, Tau Beta Pi has numerous other benefits. We provide opportunities for community service, to develop personally and professionally, and demonstrate and refine your leadership skills.

Tau Beta Pi also has a great scholarship for undergraduates. It's $2000 and this past year, 261 were awarded while only 392 applied; that's better than 50-50 odds! We also have a $10,000 Fellowship for graduate study, even if it's not in engineering!

And we also have a lot of fun! We think it's important for engineers to take the occasional break from studying 25 hours a day and relax a little. If you're allergic to "fun" because school is Serious BusinessTM, think of it as a chance to develop your network!

We also invite you to attend the Engineering BBQ at the beginning of each semester. TBP hosts this for the whole college as a way to allow current students and new students to meet and socialize, and build a community within the College of Engineering. We hope you'll be able to attend, either now or in the future.

Courtney Chase,
President, Tau Beta Pi