Installing SolidWorks on College of Engineering systems running Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7

1) Download and install a SolidWorks Full Release:

2) Unzip the downloaded archive and launch the sldim.exe installer in the sldim folder folder

3) Enter the serial number as shown in the figure below and click Next.

4) Choose to continue installing from the local extracted folder and click Next.

5) Choose to perform an Individual installation and click Next.

6) Select the particular packages you which to install and click Next.

7) Click Install Now to immediately begin installation. You can also set a delay if you want the installation to commence some time in the future.

8) You will see the task bar shown below during the installation process.

9) When the installation has finished. choose to check for updates every 7 days and choose not to participate in the SolidWorks Customer Experience Program. Chick Finish to continue.

10) When you are prompted to enter the address of the license server, enter The license server is (IP address

Contact if you experience any difficulty with installation.