Installing OneCNC-XR4 Mill 3D Expert on College of Engineering systems running Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7

1) Download and install the OneCNC-XR4 Mill 3D Expert Full Release [Windows 32-bit RAR] (247 MB)

2) Unzip the downloaded archive and launch the onecncxr.exe installer in the OneCNC folder as shown below.

3) The following splash screen will open.

4) Enter the following configuration and click the right arrow to continue.

5) After the installation completes, launch OneCNC-XR4 Mill 3D Expert from the Start->All Programs list. You should see the following splash screen. Click the right arrow to continue.

6) When asked about the license type, choose Network license as shown below. If Windows prompts you to allow network access, choose Yes then click the Continue check box in the dialog.

7) In the License Manager dialog, enter the configuration shown below and then click the OK check box.

Note: the Serial Number for November 9, 2011 - November 8, 2012 is 8ACA-8C31-2989-8AD9

8) After the license configuration completes, the desktop shown below should display.

Contact if you experience any difficulty with installation and are a current faculty member, staff member, or student of San Diego State University.