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How to access and using

1) After downloading and installing X-Win32 by following the instructions given on the rohan download page, open X-Config via the system tray icon:


2) Click on the Wizard... button:


3) Enter jason (or volta) in the name field and select the ssh protocol, then click Next:


4) Enter (or as the host, then click Next:


5) Enter your username and password as shown (don't enter paolini, but your own assigned username), then click Next. Your username and password will also grant you access to


6) Copy and paste the command string

/usr/bin/xterm -ls -sb -bg black -fg green -fn 10x20

in the Command field, then click Finish. If you are configuring X-Win32 to access, use the command string

/usr/bin/xterm -ls -sb -bg black -fg green -fn 10x20



7) Select jason (or volta) in the Connections list and click the Launch button:


8) A remote xterm on (or should appear on your screen: