Installing Abaqus 6.12 on College of Engineering systems running Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7

Download the SIMULIA Abaqus ANSYS Academic distribution:

Version Platform Archive Format File Size  
6.12 Windows 32bit/64bit, Linux 64bit ZIP 3.7GB Download

1) Run the setup application with administrator privileges in the\1 folder.

2) Click Next:

3) Click OK:

4) Click Continue:

5) Click Next:

6) Click Next:

7) Select Abaqus Product and click Next:

8) Enter as the license server and click Next:

9) Click Next:

10) Click Continue:

11) Specify the path to the location on your hard drive where you want to install Abaqus. In this example, D:\SIMULIA\Abaqus is chosen:

12) Click Yes to create the installation directory.

13) Click Next:

14) Click Install to begin installation:

15) Wait until the installation has completed:

16) Click Allow access in the Windows Security Alert dialog:

17) Click Allow access in the second Windows Security Alert dialog:

18) Click Next:

19) Click Done to finish the installation:

20) In the application list, launch Abaqus 6.12-3\Abaqus CAE:

21) A command shell will raise, indicating how many concurrent network licenses are available:

22) Abaqus/CAE 6.12-3 will launch on your desktop:

Contact if you experience any difficulty with installation.